WaWa Productions

We believe in having a tribe. A community to come together to communicate, create and collaborate. We want to create BIG SUCCESS through the means of creation and collaboration. With alike minded individuals, creatives, authors, marketers and more, we can create a BANG, and come together as a tribe to celebrate our successes, create more, and flood the universe with our talents. WaWa brings together ambitious individuals to make a splash, whether its for events, publishing or creative productions. We are ready.

We Create. We Collaborate. We are WaWa.

Our Story

When UTOPiAcon founder, Janet Wallace had the idea to create a collection of stories that threw us back to our beloved 80s, she wanted to bring the best forward. With the help of Regina Wamba, Award-winning book cover designer, we came together to bring ambitious authors together to co-create all of these flashback moments through the written word of amazingly talented individuals. Please keep an eye out for future collections and ideas.